AI-powered podcast ideation

Posted by Terri Lydon | Sep 26, 2023

Creating engaging content with a regular cadence is time-consuming. As podcasting thrives, pressure to produce timely and captivating content is increasing. That’s where AI can help.

AI as your “podcast helper”

AI has the ability to understand and generate human-like text—making it an ideal candidate to help in podcast ideation. Examples:

  • Data analysis and trend-spotting: AI can sift through lots of data, including social media trends, news articles, past podcast performance and other user-generated content, to identify timely topics and themes and even generate sample outlines.

  • SEO optimization: AI tools can identify relevant keywords and rewrite podcast descriptions and titles for better discoverability on platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The human touch

AI can be an asset in generating podcast ideas, but it's critical to recognize that it’s an assistant to human creativity, not a substitute. Here's why human input remains crucial:

  • Creativity and authenticity: AI generates ideas based on data, but it lacks the genuineness that human creativity brings to content. Humans bring unique perspectives and experiences to podcasting, making the content relatable.

  • Quality control: AI can provide numerous ideas, but humans must refine them. Creators should evaluate AI-generated ideas for relevance and alignment with their podcast’s goals.

  • Engagement: Podcasting often relies on storytelling. Humans excel in crafting narratives and building connections with the audience. While AI can provide topic ideas, the ability to tell a story remains distinctly human.

  • Ethical and social considerations: AI may inadvertently generate controversial or sensitive content or recommendations. Humans should evaluate such suggestions in a broader context.