The best mic for your podcast

Posted by Rob LaFrentz | Dec 19, 2022

Despite what some may say, starting a podcast isn't easy.

It requires a lot of time and preparation before you even start talking into a microphone.

All of which can be for naught if you don't sound good.

Nobody wants to listen to a podcast with a host who's tough to understand or has distant or crackly audio.

Your microphone matters and the mic on your laptop or camera isn't going to cut it.

The internet is full of DIY podcast setups ranging from inexpensive to very pricey.

And while it may be tempting to grab a $25 mic off Amazon, there are better options that don't have to cost a lot.

For example, legendary mic maker Shure has taken one of its top microphones and made it more content creation-friendly for a little more than $200.

It allows for a USB connection along with high-end XLR plugs.

A few other tips to maximize your recording quality include:

  • Cardioid Mic: designed to pick up vocals while minimizing background noise

  • Mic Stand: helps to minimize other noise that can come from handling the mic

  • Make sure the mic is directly in front of your mouth, ideally no more than a few inches away

  • Try not to drift back and forth in front of the mic

  • Use a windscreen or mic sock

  • If possible, record everyone on separate channels. This will make editing much easier.

When it comes to where you record, do your best to eliminate background noise from fans, air conditioners and stuff going on outside.

Sound-dampening panels work great but so does hanging blankets in front of windows and on walls.

Some podcasters swear recording in their closet delivers some of their best sound.

Also, get to know your recording software and what it can do.

Most offer a wealth of options when it comes to getting rid of unwanted background sounds, hiss, clicks, and other noises that take away from the listening experience.

The noise reduction and compressor options are your friends.

With a little research, you'll be able to find a microphone that'll help your podcast pop … in a good way.