Launching a podcast as a business development tool

Posted by John MacLeod | Mar 14, 2023

Talking the Drive (TTD) is a business and concept development podcast. Its goal is to engage key industry leaders, explore what’s needed and to build alignment across companies, markets, and technologies on in-car innovation.

While each podcast is created to be listened to individually, the story-arc is interconnected and evolving. Insights from previous podcasts inform the new podcasts, which creates a virtuous circle of conversation, listening and knowledge. 

The TTD podcast is a surprisingly effective tool to develop new thinking and new relationships. The podcast format allows me to have conversations with executives, leaders and thinkers in ways that exceed what’s possible via email, meetings, zoom or dinners. You can hear more about my experience in conceptulazing the podcast here.

The TTD podcast combined with countless conversations, memos and debates are guiding the development of Rivet360’s Smart Driving Experience. 

Here’s what I’m learning:

People are honored to be asked to be a guest on a podcast. 

Even if they decline the guest opportunity, it helps with other business conversations and meetings.

Conversations are freer and more open on a podcast vs. traditional business meetings.

In a podcast, the host and guest are equals and can talk freely about concepts and ideas. The podcast goal is to create a good listening experience. There is no buyer/ seller relationship in the podcast vs. most business meetings. The conversations are rich and collaborative, building trust between the guest and host. 

The conversations are recorded… and discussions don’t just disappear after the meeting.

Most business conversations are forgotten when the meeting ends. The podcast creates a record of the conversation that can be shared, debated and discussed. It also helps build a “narrative” that can inform other conversations and future podcast episodes. 

My podcast goal is to reach and inspire the most senior car company leaders – the ones who can decide “what” to do.

As a Disney Imagineer, we were taught to seek inspiration and engagement before trying to teach or sell. The podcast creates a friendly environment that delivers an episode that benefits everyone involved in the production and distribution.

If you’re interest in a similar approach let’s talk.