Repurpose your podcast content

Posted by Cindy Paulauskas | Feb 20, 2023

We encourage our clients to think of business podcasting as a piece of their overall content marketing.

How can you meaningfully reuse content from podcasts in other media and vice versa?

Here are 10 ways we’ve worked with clients to “recycle” great content.

  1. Post highlights from the podcast as individual social media posts.

  2. Record live events (webinars, conference panels) and use those as podcast episodes.

  3. Use your social media to engage listeners on future episodes: Find out what topics, questions or guests trigger their interest.

  4. Create episode teasers/trailers and use them in social media.

  5. Funnel your show research into blog posts and link those posts back to your podcast episode.

  6. Record the episode as a video and put the video podcast on YouTube and the audio versions on the mainstream podcast players.

  7. Use snippets of the video as content for Instagram reels, YouTube reels and/or TikToks.

  8. Use the scripts and/or transcripts as blog posts creating a backlink to boost SEO.

  9. Use the episode description as a blog post.

  10. Use keywords for each episode and blog post to increase SEO.

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